SURE FAIL: The Art of Mismanagement by Raymond Dreyfack

SURE FAIL: The Art of Mismanagement

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Not since the halcyon days of Liberty magazine has there been such simplistic pep talk for the hopeful acolytes of the World of Business. Chock full of the ""cagey,"" ""savvy,"" ""bottom line busters"" who populate Dreyfack's vision of merchandising and manufacturing, this book of admonitory tales is to serious management theory what the Rev. Moon is to Dr. Schweitzer. The parade of anonymous fools do serious injury to corporate earnings, prestige, position and morale in snappy little chapters bearing such headings as ""Nail Noshing,"" and ""Bullshevism,"" and ""Cupidity Stupidity."" The cumulative effect of these endless anecdotes of ""chintzy chiselers,"" ""cheapo tactics,"" ""go-men,"" and ""whoa-men"" is anesthetic when it's not puerile.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1976
Publisher: Morrow