SILVERTHORN by Raymond E. Feist


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A largely undistinguished but competently wrought sword-and-sorcery sequel to Magician (1982). With planet Midkemia at peace following the defeat and assimilation of interdimensional invaders, the Tsurani, stalwart Prince Arutha will wed the fair Anita. But already new troubles are brewing, in the form of a coalition of evil-doers inspired by the mysterious, powerful sorcerer Murmandamus. (His zombie-like slaves are unkillable and must be burned or have their hearts chopped out.) A poisoned crossbow bolt meant for Arutha strikes Anita instead; so, as the lady lies in a magical coma, Arutha and friends must quest for a cure, namely the semi-mythical silverthorn plant which only grows in the heart of enemy territory. Meanwhile, Tsurani-trained magician Pug, needing some high-voltage help to discover who Munnandamus is, the source of his godlike powers, and a means to defeat him, travels to the Tsurani world, where he's sheltered by a long-lost colony of Midkemian elves in their city beneath the polar ice. Workmanlike doings, modestly appealing characters, and a more thoughtful array of evil beasties and bad guys than before: a notch above average overall, and an improvement on the chaotic, overlong Magician.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1985
ISBN: 0553270540
Publisher: Doubleday