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GUIDE TO VICTORIAN ANTIQUES by Raymond F. & Marguerite W. Yates



Publisher: Harper

This is more of a factual guide than a picture book, and in this it differs sharply from the average book of its type (Drepperd, Ruth Webb Lee and their ilk). The rapidly awakening interest in Victorian antiques is accompanied by a market swamped with atrocities, pseudo-antiques, and claptrap sales talk. This book is designed to help the collector interested in the period, to steer away from late Victorian to early and middle, to know something about the historical background of a much-abused period, to eliminate some notions on identification and clarify ideas on such matters as handmade nails, pegs, screw, saw marks, dovetails, hardware, dimensions and condition of lumber and so on. Sound advice and general picture, leading to specific study of various things worth collecting:- chairs, chests, tables, beds, lamps, clocks, mirrors, pictures, glass, china, silver, pewter, and a miscellany characteristic of the times.