THE LITTLE FERRET by Raymond Foxall


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After he says ""Sacre bleu"" twice on one page, you'll realize that John Bellamy is ""a Frenchie"" even if you may not know that he's a spy for Napoleon, up against Adkins (he's appeared in an earlier book) -- Bow Street Runner involved with Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson at this point. . . not to mention Lady Hamilton's niece Rosemary who is kidnapped and ""taken by force"" in another way. This footpads in the current vogue for period evil (cf. Raffles, Jack the Ripper, etc.) and you may find it as ""fast as a fiddler's elbow"" even when it's poked in your ribs. Barely sufficient unto the day that was.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1974
Publisher: St. Martin's Press