THE PRACTICAL PARENT: ABCs of Child Discipline by Raymond J. & Genevieve Painter Corsini

THE PRACTICAL PARENT: ABCs of Child Discipline

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The authors, apparently in child guidance, are disciples of Rudolf Dreikurs (The Challenge of Parenthood, rephrased in A Parent's Guide to Child Discipline) who in turn was a disciple of Adler. In tone they are more moderate than Dreikurs though they perpetuate some of his more stringent precepts (barricade yourself against your little monster by locking yourself in the bathroom while he? ? ?). The overall prinzip is to emphasize respect which must be mutual and de. emphasize love which will be there in a relationship where equality and cooperation co-exist; discountenance rewards and punishments and substitute logical and natural consequences; be encouraging at all times but know how to distinguish between encouragement and undeserved praise. On to practicalities with which this is chiefly concerned--the six commonest problems from getting up to going to bed, school difficulties brought home, messiness, money and property, children's fighting (let them fight but not in the car), attention-getting, dawdling. In some of the more tangible/intangible areas, such as bed-wetting, will the cool hands off approach--let him take care of the bedding--work? A primary presentation, as befits the manual this is--namely two line directives, exemplifying dialogues and short summaries. Firm, to be sure, and maybe if the twig is not bent the apple won't fall so far from the tree in this permissive age.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1975
Publisher: Harper & Row