ZAZIE by Raymond Queneau


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Zasie, it seems, has set literary Paris on its ear and whether the novel repeats its success or not here, it should command a delighted audience. Zazie is an eleven year old girl with an unusual background. Her mother contrived with a lover to kill Zazie's father and escape punishment. Zazie comes to spend two nights in Paris with her uncle, Gabriel. She does not get a ride on the Metro, her chief desire, but she does have a number of other wild and funny adventures in a Paris that is part dream and part real, Zazie, herself, is a precocious innocent, a naive sophisticate, vulgar, shrewd, fantastic. Her adult companions on her spree, besides Gabriel, include a taxi driver, a bar owner, his barmaid, and his parrot, a tourist bus driver and passengers, and a mysterious man known as ""the type"" who changes his identity nearly every time he appears on the scene. The book is full of wit, farce, satire, realism and surrealism and Mr. Queneau, a well-known French intellectual writer and editor, has pulled off a tour de force of style and matter that should find special devotees.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1960
Publisher: Harper