CHINA DOCTOR: The Life Story of Dr. Harry Willis Miller by Raymond S. Moore
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CHINA DOCTOR: The Life Story of Dr. Harry Willis Miller

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Here is the full story of one man's adventures as he seeks out the poor and sick in China as a medical missionary, and is still busily at work in the Far East at the age of 81. In that time he has built 15 hospitals and clinics, improvised and improved operation techniques, becoming one of the most widely practiced surgeons in the world, made new discoveries in preventive medicine, invented and developed soybean milk, which is responsible today for saving thousands of lives in undernourished areas of the world, was consulting physician to three U.S. Presidents and personal physician to senators and ambassadors. All this and much more is told us by Raymond S. Moore, vice-president of the College of Medical Evangelists in Loma Linda, California. It is a thrilling story of what happens when a man gives himself and his talents to the service of God. This book deserves a prominent place in the annals of those modern missionaries whose deeds prove that there is still romance and thrill in lives that are God-seeking rather than self-serving.

Publisher: Harper