NOW THAT WE HAVE TO WALK by Raymond Tifft Fuller


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There is so much that is delightful in this introduction to the delights of getting acquainted with one's own neighboring woods and fields and roadsides, that it seems captious to quarrel with a somewhat artificial and over-dressed style, a tendency to wander from the point -- or to take a long time getting under way. Philosophical ramblings were long since justified, you may say, by Thoreau; but there was a simplicity about Thoreau that Fuller lacks. However, after taking that hurdle, prepare yourself for a contagious experience. You'll want to go through the woods come nightfall; you'll want to discover for yourself -- if you haven't done it already -- the very special delights of Winter countryside; you'll determine to set about learning more of your feathered neighbors, and the wildlife at your backdoor; you'll tote up your interests and set about cultivating your hobbies. And you'll agree with him that gas and tire restrictions have their silver linings.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1943
Publisher: Dutton