FOCUS ON INFINITY: A Life of Phillips Brooks by Raymond W. Albright

FOCUS ON INFINITY: A Life of Phillips Brooks

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Many books will be written about Bishop Brooks of Massachusetts before the full stature of the man is appreciated. In a day when close scrutiny reveals flaws in some of our favorite saints, Bishop Brooks only grows in stature when carefully examined. More than outstanding ability, pedigree and ministry is at stake, however. Bishop Brooks was one of the first to appreciate how greatly God had challenged the Episcopal Church in these United States with a message and a ministry far from identical with the mother Church of England, and not shared with the many ""competitive"" Churches whose fruitfulness he so much admired. Bishop Brooks combined the strong moral concern of his Puritan ancestors with the comprehensiveness that belonged to that Episcopal way to which his parents were converts. He was a big man,- in stature and mind and spirit. All this Mr. Albright has tried to contain in his biography, which at least has the advantage of careful research and documentation. Mr. Albright has tried to catch a man so varied that he could write ""O Little Town of Bethlehem"", and also be an able Bishop and a world famous preacher.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Macmillan