MY NAME IS CELIA by Rayne Kruger


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.... Celia Dewberry, and-as such-she enjoys a well-ordered life of a young matron, the wife of Philip- a doctor, a mother to Graham, a certain talent as an incidental artist, and a gracious home in London. But the news that a favorite uncle- Walter- had died during or after the war in Berlin and left her heir to a fortune, converted in gold coins, takes her to Berlin in search of his buried crock of gold- and brings her the knowledge of what she really is. For there, in the bombed out ruins of her uncle's house, she comes in contact with Gerd, a degenerate, who peddles drugs and women and criminals. The unhealthy attraction he exerts for her is- while sullying- also exciting. The realization that he has killed a man, and next attempts to kill her friend- a liberal newspaperman- does not put an end to her lust, or her greed for the gold which takes her from one contact to another- into the Eastern sector- and finally a back to the mindless, sightless Baroness whom Gerd attempts to kill- but who dies with her secret.... Out of the rubble of a gutted city- the depravity which feeds on broken lives and which is an unsuspected part of others- is formed a fable with troubling implications. If you remember The Spectacle, the handling is again precise and composed.

Publisher: Macmillan