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by R.C. Farrington

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2017
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Readers don’t have to be the smartest ones in the room to be successful; they just need to demonstrate a willingness to work hard, argues this self-help book.

C students, rejoice. Brilliant overachievers may get all the attention, but “average Joes and Josies” have a chance to triumph in business and their careers, contends Farrington (The Crystal Pendulum, 2016, etc.). “Yes, you may be average, but so what?” he writes. “It’s a matter of knowing your own capabilities and strengths and doing something about them.” A self-described average guy, Farrington knows from experience that it’s possible to live a good life even if you don’t become a CEO or millionaire. He managed to go from unexceptional student to a healthy career in the software business through ingenuity and grit. For readers to do the same, they must start with embracing that’s it acceptable to be average. A lack of exceptional skills might seem like a disadvantage, but even average folks can ask questions, use their imaginations, take on challenges, and focus on always moving forward, all relatively simple tasks that will help position them for success. All people have “God-given talents” that can help them get ahead, and it’s just a matter of identifying and deploying them. Throughout, the emphasis is on moving up the ranks of an organization and reaching professional goals. The advice tends toward the simplistic. There are no cute strategies or clever sayings here—just common-sense wisdom. At times, things are a bit too basic. In an always-connected era, does anyone need to be told that “Google is a great tool to use for research”? Nonetheless, Farrington’s point that being average needn’t hold people back is well-taken. The straightforward tips he offers may not be complex, but they cover basic truths that anyone, even an overachiever, would do well to remember: If you can show up on time, work hard, and stay positive, you’re already several steps ahead of many colleagues.

An accessible motivational guide for those feeling stuck or discouraged in their professional lives.