FOFANA by Re Guillot
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Re Guillot, master of the African Bush, conducts another thrilling safari through his mysterious with the aid of Jean-Lac, a French boy who joins his father in the remote timber lands of . From his first day at the native school, Jean-Lac is fascinated by the clay effigy of Fofana, a noble young hunter in bondage to the ironworkers. Oddly, it is Jean Lac who helps free Fofana and learns of his awesome power to communicate with animals. Fofana repays his to Jean-Lac in many ways -- mainly by offering him a profound and passionate friendship. A Guillot jungle late without elephants? Never. Here the magnificent heast Adjinakous understands Fofana's order to obey Jean-Lac, and when he rejoins his herd, the elephant saves the French boy during a stampede. Jean-Lac's relationship with the native boy bridges the gap of time and culture and allows readers the vicarious pleasure of knowing the strange and wonderful Fofana. It is a beautiful story - poetic and simple -another reflection of this lark and primitive world.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1962
Publisher: Criterion