SONS OF THE SOUTH by Read, Clayton


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Inspired by regional fervor, the author has compiled one hundred brief biographies of great Americans from varied backgrounds and eras with one feature in common: all were southerners. Written to commemorate the Civil War Centennial, the author contends that ""the South throughout the history of the United States has produced a breed of men whose character, statesmanship and political genius is unequaled by any other section of the nation"". The book is divided into four parts, Founding Fathers of the Republic, Colonizers and Builders of the Republic, The Rise and Fall of the Confederacy and Reconstruction, Reunion, and World Power, with the appropriate historical figures and their contributions forming the content. Included are the biographies of George Washington, Daniel Boone, Cordell Hull, as well as lesser known men like Albert Pike and James Sevier Conway.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston