HAYDN by Reba Paeff Mirsky


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The day Haydn left choir school in Hainburg, Austria, he set out to find a job in the field of music. Eventually, he became composer-in-residence for Prince Esterhazy in Hungary. Haydn and the young Mozart became friends, and later in his life, Haydn taught one of Mozart's pupils--Beethoven. The greatest sorrow in the musician's life was his unfortunate marriage to one of his students, whom he later learned loathed music, and furthermore could not have children. The facts presented are sound, and adequately clear. But, the account is far from lively or vivid; one might wish to ""hear"" more music -- to be aware of choral voices ringing and orchestras resounding-- in this account of a life that virtually was music. Too much unvaried narration, not enough emphasis on important events.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1963
Publisher:  Follett