GERMY BLEW IT by Rebecca C. Jones


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Good-humored middle-grade fare. Jeremy Bluett, known as ""Germy Blew It"" to his friends, certainly blew it this time. The strike he planned to protest his school's field-trip cuts was a fiasco. Not only was Germy the only one to stay home from school in protest, but the rest of his class was interviewed on television that day! Now Germy is determined to have his moment of glory, and he sets out to do something worthy of TV coverage. When writing the President of the US and the Queen of England to offer his advice doesn't help, he organizes a city-wide bubble-gum blowing contest. Unfortunately, though, he gets himself into hot water by spending a good percentage of the entry fees on the gum he needs for practicing. Then with the help of his surprisingly cooperative school principal, Germy gets the recognition he has hoped for--and he blows his moment of glory. But the resourceful Germy covers his losses, and starts planning for the next big event. Breezy dialogue, a fast pace, and lots of humor will make this book popular. Though Germy's success may be a bit far-fetched, his desire for fame is certainly credible! Lightweight and fun.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1987
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Dutton