WIND, SAND AND SKY by Rebecca Caudill


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Lacy clouds drift by;/ On the far rugged mountains/ Lacy shadows lie."" So Rebecca Caudill, in a cycle of haiku, and Donald Carrick, with his familiar burnt-gold and blue-green palette, capture the mellow spaciousness of the desert landscape. It must be said that not every child will be as involved as the little girl who floats through these pages entranced, and that's partly because the styles of illustration and writing (particularly the haiku which are striking but packed to bursting with adjectives) miss the stark power and elegance which make the desert compelling. On the other hand the intimate close-ups of eagle and quail and the lush, sundrenched silence--so different from the mood of Bird Baylor--do create the opportunity for a private communion with nature. . . though the impulse may last no longer than Carrick's melting desert light,

Pub Date: April 19th, 1976
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Dutton