TREE OF FREEDOM by Rebecca Caudill


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This somehow misses the chance for sustained interest and successive mounting climaxes, and one wonders whether its very real values as a story of growth and character and young people in our country's brave beginnings and reachings out, will carry over the slow motion action, and lack of romance and pace....In the year 1780, 13-year old Stephanie Venable made the long trek from North Carolina to Kentucky, where her family had a tract of rich new land waiting for them. She and her brother Noel, hard-working, capable member of the family, sought too for something more to bring to their new home- beauty, and held to this despite ever present fears of Indians, the looming war rumors, the arduous daily battle against the wilderness. Recommend for better understanding of the roots from which Americans have sprung.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1949
Publisher: Viking