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PUPPIES CHASE by Rebecca Glaser


From the Amazing Changing Pictures series

by Rebecca Glaser

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-68152-196-1
Publisher: Amicus Ink

Simple sentences and charming photos of puppies at play make this a sure toddler’s delight.

This book, together with its simultaneously published companion volumes, Bunnies Hop, Fish Swim, and Kittens Pounce, will engage young readers with a combination of kinetic animal photography, repeated sound effects, and short sentences introducing concepts of play and locomotion. This volume and the one on kittens particularly capitalize on the similar interests their subjects share with toddlers, namely a love of play and motion. One plaintive-eyed pup stares out wistfully, wondering, “Who will play with me?” and then, on the next page, announces, “Here is my friend. Wag, wag!” as two terrier puppies wrestle playfully in a field. Kittens play with balls and yarn, chase bubbles, and satisfy their ceaseless curiosity exploring empty boxes. They also stretch and snuggle. The volume on fish introduces some directional vocabulary (“Swim up. Swim down. Swim all around”) and does a creditable job of making the life of a fish seem exciting. The bunnies are adorable; they “hop,” “sniff,” and “munch,” among other things. Each type of animal appears in solo action and with friends. The uncomplicated concepts and colorful pictures mean that young readers can enjoy these books both with and without a caregiver to read them aloud.

Straightforward and accessible, this sturdy board book and its companions are aesthetically pleasing and designed for repeatability.

(Board book. 1-3)