HOME ORCHID GROWING by Rebecca Tyson Northen


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This for the fairly advanced horticulturist, one who is eager to undertake some new kind of greenhouse development, on a non-commercial basis, or- though with less conviction- the indoor gardener not satisfied with following beaten tracks. Growing orchids has, until recently, seemed highly specialized and scientific. This is, however, the second book devoted to the project of amateur orchid growing. The author, starting one assumes (though this is not a personal experience book) with kitchen window orchid raising, now has two greenhouses and some 2000 plants. She discusses the requirements and needs, which, she assures the reader, vary only in minor degrees from other forms of horticulture. She goes into the wild growth of orchids, tells how from this there developed the techniques that now make home culture possible. In carefully scientific detail, made intelligible to the amateur, she discusses cattleyas and their care, -- the plant structure, the species and habits, the types of orchids closely related to the cattleyas, hybrids and their breeding. She advises starting with seedlings- and follows in text and pictures, the progress from flask to pots to first bloom. Growing and sowing one's own seed is a more advanced step. Data on mineral nutrition, on health and diseases of the orchid, on greenhouse management and culture, on use in house window gardens and- with hardy specimens- in gardens. Some space is given to collectors' items, but in the main the focus is on species the home cultivator can grow.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1950
Publisher: Van Nostrand