THE VANISHING VIRGINIAN by Rebecca Yancey Williams


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This book will have a certain kind of snob appeal, for here is the inside story of a F.F.V. -- descended from Jefferson, rooted deep in the pre-war, plantation proud, Virginia. This atmosphere is, to a certain extent, unconscious -- and in its way quite charming. The old school Southerners will love it. Against this background is told the story of Capt. Bob Yancey, Virginia blue-blood, of his wife, ""Rosebud"", of a mid-victorian point of view coping with young moderns, Virginia style. But chiefly it is the story of a Southern lawyer (the town is Lynchburg), the town's best story teller, an irascible figure in the courtroom, a character in the community -- and in his own household. It is also the town's story; and various eminent Virginians cross the pages, -- Carter Glass, General Jubal Early, Lady Astor's father, ""Chilly"" Langhorne, and others. Episodic, colorful, in Life with Father vein.

Publisher: Dutton