OUT OF THE RED by Red Smith


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No economic treatise to resuscitate your business- this- but a collection of pieces from the acid pen of a widely read sports analyst. Warmly human, satirical, courageous pieces these are that appear in the N.Y. Herald-Tribune and elsewhere, on everything pertaining to sport and things not so sporting. ""Red"" Smith fans will line up when the ""tickets"" for this go on sale. For them he can write no wrong. They like to reread what they remember, and dig for material they may have missed. They love it when he figuratively punches ""Commissar"" Chandler in the nose; when he puts Di Maggio on a pedestial, when he gets in the kennels with the dogs, when he wins and loses baseball and football games. He's philosopher, humorist, battler for the best in sports while aware of the seamy sides. And he tells his stories with now and again an O'Henry punch line.

Publisher: Knopf