POINT OF ORIGIN by Redmond Wallis


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A small town in New Zealand frames the story of Peter Henessey, a young man with no money or ""background"", inventive ideas, a determination to avenge his father and brother's victimization by a wealthy landowner, Dent, and ambition. In Christchurch he falls in love with Gillian Sedgley, one of the four foremost families and Dent's niece,- Gillian who is unready to have an affair with him and leaves him vulnerable to the overtly seductive Shona. On the job, with Sedgley's firm, Henessey is truculent, and he suspects that Sedgley may be trying to take advantage of his ideas (various mechanical advances), but at the close, after Gillian accepts Peter and his terms, and Sedgley subdues Dent, the way ahead is clear.... A first novel catches much of the hotheaded, hotblooded determination of its young participants and provides readable if momentary entertainment.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin