REGGIE: A Season with a Superstar by Reggie & Bill Libby Jackson

REGGIE: A Season with a Superstar

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A diary of the Oakland A's third consecutive world championship campaign transcribed in post-game haste by their outspoken and swaggering slugger, Reginald Martinez Jackson. The colorful right fielder believes he's ""the best"" and doesn't mind letting you know it. Fortunately, he's more persuasive analyzing his ""Fighting A's"" and finding the reason for their success--namely they're a scrappy, opportunistic bunch, united by their hatred for their string-pulling Boss Man Charlie Finley. Reggie discloses that ""an owner like Finley fucks you whenever he wants to. It's legalized rape. He almost broke my spirit."" In light of his sentiments it's hard to understand why he bothered to record a lengthy obsequious phone conversation with Finley. Then again Jackson's boyish enthusiasm for baseball at times takes a called third strike in the face of his bubble gum-popping candor--""It's not a game when you get where I am. It's a business."" Alas, like bat, like pencil. An immodest flash in the pan.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1975
Publisher: Playboy Press