BEAVER TRAIL by Regina Z. Kelly


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A story of the fur trade and its rivalries in the territory surrounding Michilimackinac during 1811 and the Indian uprising led by Tecumseh, is centered on young Jimmie Russell who comes to the famous post on his way West with his uncle. They stay for a time and when Jimmie gets a job working in the Astor warehouse, the experience leads to acquaintance with some of the actual peopleof the times- Madame La Fromboise who was one of the wealthiest traders, and Father Richard who worked to build the community and smooth antagonisms. Later, Jimmie and his Uncle go to Fort Dearborn. The massacre that follows is a horrifying experience, but for Jimmie, among those spared by a friendly Indian, it serves as an object lesson for the future when Jimmie hopes to work for better relations between Indians and whites. Substantial.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard