RED SUN RISING: The Siege of Port Arthur by Reginald Hargreaves

RED SUN RISING: The Siege of Port Arthur

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In the of History series, this tells with great spirit and historical the story of the 1904 struggle for Manchuria between Japan and Russia. That battle, won with brutal decisiveness by Japan, foretold the rising of Oriental powers in the East which today confront us in all their danger. Properly enough, the story starts with Comm Perry's visit to Japan in 1853 and the inauguration of western ways in that backward nation. These included the westernization of the military and its corollary, the to expand Japan's territory. A half century later the ""little yellow men"" struck great fortress part of Port Arthur when they showed themselves superior fighters in every way. Admiral Togo's naval victories were followed by the collapse of Russia's single track Trans Siberian Railway, the Czar's army and Cossack troops. Not only is the long, fierce siege described with fascinating and selective detail, but the effects on Moscow are foreshadowed with gloomy accuracy. The Port Arthur debacle not only in the of the white man in the Orient, but it gave tremendous impetus to the leftist movements in Russia which were to culminate in the revolution a few years later. A really admirable historical job.

Publisher: Lippincott