BEDS by Reginald Reynolds


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That dedicated assembler, interpreter, instructor and investigator of sanitation (Cleanliness and Godliness) and Beards bounces through the whole encyclopedia of a prone program and produces some wonderful and funny information. There is history and customs and legend concerning beds per se and there are energetic side trips on the practice of couvade (the father undergoing the travail of his wife in childbirth), and of bundling; there is unlimited lore on cradles, the public aspects of the lit de justice, lit de parade and social lyings-in; there is gleeful research on bedclothes and all sorts of bed decor. You'll learn about bedaboos as well as bedbugs, bedcentricities and bedevilments, large beds and small beds, strange bed-fellows and the enjoyment of the solitary bed. This vast panorama of beds necessitates a true perspective only to be found by taking to bed -- therefor a ""must"" for horizontal readers.

Pub Date: Dec. 6th, 1951
Publisher: Doubleday