NYLON SAFARI by Rehna Cloete


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Rehna Cloete is Stuart Cloete's wife and this is her account, not without frankness and humor despite personal concern, of a three weeks' sightseeing safari she and her husband went on out of Nairobi last year. At the start there are some rather perceptive musings on the over-all view of tourist and settler in Nairobi with the oppressive danger of the Mau Mau. But these give way to more immediate concerns as Stuart surprises her with an anniversary gift- a safari- which she does not want but which she sets her teeth to anyway. With Bill, their White Hunter, they roll south to the reserves of Tanganyika there to experience every kind of set-to with the animals. Bravely taking the 5 A.M. rising hours, the ""bush"" bathrooms, the charging rhinoceri, and diligently washing nylons and herself whenever she can, Mrs. Cloete reviews roughing it from a strictly feminine point of view. She is frankly concerned with being protected from it all, but when her ""shields"" aren't up to par, she complains only to us (the readers) and gains in retrospect from harrying times. The perky narrative, which includes meeting Ernest Hemingway in a bar, gears this more to the crowd out for a spot of excitement than to a more tempered enjoyment of Africa.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1955
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin