TO CATCH A MAN by Rehna Cloete


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A lightheaded account of an earlier safari- to Europe- when Rehna finessed a trip along with two girls- from home- whose superior assets and predatory attitudes engendered a lively rivalry from the start. The girls, man-mad, left her to fend for herself on the ship, in Paris, and later in London, through the small incidents which make travel so broadening- as she picks up a little French, and is picked up by an older man; as she loses the boy back home- Stanley- to the girls; but as she replaces him when she goes to Tattersall's to look at the horses- and finds Stuart, whose courtship is largely a course of learning in horses, dogs, flowers warm beer and regimental ties, bristling with British tradition. Stuart says goodbye to her in London-indicating no further intentions- but turns up- surprisingly-aboard ship and is willing to be brought back alive to her parents as a prospective son-in-law.... If you go for the junior sophisticate styling, this is ingenuously entertaining.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1957
Publisher: Roughton, Mifflin