Religion Book Reviews (page 18)

Released: Sept. 1, 2011

"A groovy blend of meditative and instructive writing."
Journey the road to self-fulfillment through the eyes of a true believer. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 28, 2011

"A helpful reference for those familiar with the topic; a compelling but confusing jumping-off point for those who wish to know more."
An English-language collection of the sayings and lessons of an important Muslim teacher. Read full book review >

Released: Aug. 15, 2011

"Recommended for those interested in the intersection of faith and politics."
A critique of the claim that American evangelicals are "conservative." Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 9, 2011

"Well-written, often poignant and surprisingly relatable."
Memoir of a literature professor who converted to Christianity in the halls of Oxford University. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2011

"A masterful exploration of one of America's most shameful secrets."
Award-winning journalist Weyermann (The Gang They Couldn't Catch: The Story of America's Greatest Modern-Day Bank Robbers—And How They Got Away With It, 1993) throws open the curtains on the deplorable actions of Warren Jeffs and his polygamous sect. Read full book review >

Released: July 19, 2011

"Certain to provoke strong reactions from supporters and detractors, this is a must-read for anyone with a stake—or even an interest—in this difficult issue."
A powerful argument for the importance of a new approach to solving the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Read full book review >
Released: July 18, 2011

"A full-color view of the spectrum of Islam, a religion too often regarded in black-and-white terms."
A Turkish journalist recounts the history and fluctuations of Islam with grace and style. Read full book review >
Released: July 11, 2011

"The awareness of the firefighter, the mindfulness of the monk, the principles of fire and the spirit of Zen come together in a well-told story about the effort required and the lessons learned from paying close attention."
A former Yoga Journal senior editor's account of five Zen practitioners turned firefighters who saved a beloved California monastery. Read full book review >
Released: July 5, 2011

"A bizarre and complicated history told with masterful control."
Thoroughly engrossing page-turner on the shape-shifting Church of Scientology and its despotic, possibly criminal hierarchy. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 2011

"Boldly goes where many Amish chronicles fear to tread: the exodus of members seeking an unencumbered lifestyle."
An affecting memoir from a former Old Order Amish member who abandoned his structured family life for autonomy in the free world. Read full book review >
Released: June 24, 2011

"Surprisingly moving."
An earnest, if sometimes banal, account of one man's struggle to get right with his Christian faith. Read full book review >
Released: June 14, 2011

"Exceptional reimagining of Islam."
Manji takes readers outside the boxes of "moderation" and "multi-culturalism" to boldly tackle the problems with modern Islam. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Melissa Sweet
author of SOME WRITER!
September 26, 2016

“SOME PIG,” Charlotte the spider’s praise for Wilbur, is just one fondly remembered snippet from E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. In Some Writer!, two-time Caldecott Honor winner and 2014 Kirkus Prize finalist Melissa Sweet mixes White’s personal letters, photos, and family ephemera with her own exquisite artwork to tell his story, from his birth in 1899 to his death in 1985. Budding young writers will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist, New Yorker contributor, and children’s book author who loved words his whole life. This authorized tribute is the first fully illustrated biography of E. B. White and includes an afterword by Martha White, E. B. White's granddaughter. “Like Charlotte, Sweet spins a terrific story,” our reviewer writes in a starred review. “A masterful biography that will enchant young readers.” View video >