HOORAY FOR ME! by Remy & Lilian Moore Charlip


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Vera Williams' blurry watercolors make a delectable rainbow out of a row of narrow city houses--from which emerge countless children, all celebrating their separate selfhood by proclaiming all over the page in similarly rainbow-colored letters ME ME ME. . . ME TOO ME TOO. . . ME TOOOOO. . . ME OH MY. . . . The children and their words tumble about engagingly, play around for a while with defining themselves in terms of relationships (I am my big sister's baby brother. . . I am my cousin's cousin. . .), roles and actions (I'm my dog's walker. . . I'm tiffs book's reader. . . I am my best friend's best friend [sometimes]), and end up in a happy circle shouting hooray for everyone. Which might be echoed by this book's readers, as the authors let the all-embracing euphoria speak for itself without ever touching the ground.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
ISBN: 1582462011
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press