HANDTALK: An ABC of Finger Spelling & Sign Language by Remy & Mary Beth Charlip
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HANDTALK: An ABC of Finger Spelling & Sign Language

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This is far from just another photo-illustrated handbook of finger spelling, nor is its appeal limited to those with a need to communicate with the deaf. Instead the book's designer (Charlip), photographer (Ancona, who showed us Faces and Bodies) and model/consultant (rotund, flamboyant Mary Beth from the Theatre of the Deaf) have put together an expansive, energizing performance which would be its own excuse for being even if children were not intrigued, as so many are, with sign language and secret communication -- and even if the finger alphabet of the deaf were not spelled out one letter at a time in photo insets through the pages and all together on the end papers and the accompanying chart. Full color and kinetic, a mixed media hit.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1974
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press