THE MOVING TARGET: What Every Marketer Should Know About Women by Rena Bartos

THE MOVING TARGET: What Every Marketer Should Know About Women

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A much-expanded J. Walter Thompson brochure--Bartos is the agency's Director of Communications--with some potential appeal beyond advertisers and other ""marketers."" Woman-as-consumer is a topic, after all, that the entire women's market can relate to. But the book, unfortunately, is fife with industry jargon: ""demographic and psychographic profiles"" of the various subdivided female groups; titular exhortations to ""build analytic frame of new perspective into ongoing and future activities."" Advertisers, Bartos contends, have not changed their marketing techniques for women in years--despite the ""quiet revolution"" of wholesale re-entry into the workplace. Some myth-breakers: women account for just under haft of all car-purchase decisions; all women--even confirmed housewives--favor a more contemporary image in advertising. (Commercials showing a father diapering a baby scored high.) Bartos also maintains that marketers have not distinguished sufficiently among different market segments: between the working woman who pursues a career and the one who simply holds a job; between the homemaker who wants to stay at home and the one who plans to return to work when her children get older. The basic material may thus engage feminist interests; but the tone is too dry, still, for the average layperson.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1982
Publisher: Free Press/Macmillan