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I've read several books on the underground movements in Europe -- fiction and fact. I've read books enlarging on the processes by which the Nazi conquerors take over the conquered countries, lock, stock and barrel. Memory checks back to propaganda atrocity stories, some confirmed, some denied in later years. But in no book about the present war have I encountered such a record of crime and punishment, heaped up and running over, of atrocities that outrank ancient barbarisms, of subtler forms of torture, destined to eradicate whole nations mercilessly -- as in this summary of all of conquered Europe. Rene Kraus as an authentic reporter is sometimes suspect; discount half of what he says (not that I think that a fair suggestion) and it still stands as a record of conditions under the New Order that should be read by every American who can still apologize for the Germans, and concentrate their hate on the Japs. Here is a record of 200,000,000 subjugated people with nothing with which to fight tyranny and forestall annihilation- and who perform the daily miracle of not only survival of body, but sustaining of morale. Kraus recounts the gruesome story on all fronts, -- economic, religious, agricultural, intellectual, industrial, racial; he tells too, nation by nation, of revolt -- sabotage, guerilla warfare, psychological warfare. He indicates the leaders -- illustrates his points by constant stories of fact, on all sides. And he pleads for invasion of the continent, despite the cost to all, before it is too late, before the 200,000,000 slaves have been reduced to broken, decimated forces. Today they are our secret allies. Tomorrow may be too late. Exciting and horrifying reading. Some of it is already dated, but perhaps -- for example -- the story of Vichy can be brought up to the minute. The publishers report ""no index"". The book desperately needs one, because of the method used in organizing the material. Perhaps that too will be done. In any case, don't miss it.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1942
Publisher: Macmillan