CORNELIA by Rene Kuhn


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The female of the species, not at her deadliest, but still making her mark, this is a story of Cornelia, as she calculates her control over the men in her life and her children, as she runs interference to achieve some selfish satisfactions. Divorcing her husband, David, Cornelia gets custody of the children, Tony and Ann, who are soon to realize what they lack by way of a mother. With the aid of her lover, Johnny, she makes her name as a dress designer. Some years later she meets opposition- in her own children; Tony enlists in the Marines; Ann, having lost the boy she loved, leaves Cornelia to live with her father. Deserted by friends, servants, children and lover, Cornelia realizes her insecurity in the face of a hollow future ahead...Rather low grade feminine fare with an established theme and little to recommend it.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1948
Publisher: Random House