GREEN ORANGES by Rene Masson


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The bitter fruit of experience here is the story of two youngsters living off their wits and on the run. Mousse does not come from the streets but from a respectable middle class family; her attraction to Simon, who is adept at small confidence games, is sparked by his smooth knowledge of deception, by the guile with which they gull the innocent, and by the excitement of a life beyond the law. They go off together, to dingy rooming houses, unpacked suitcases, and ""cheap briefcases stuffed with frauds"". Her family puts a tracer on her, and when the detective-a woman- finds them in Corsica, Simon beats her up and leaves her for dead. Further flights ends only in their capture- and Simon suicides, while Mouses is returned home.... Delinquency, which is not as sullied or as sordid as the earlier Cage of Darkness, but there is still little to relieve or redeem this for a general audience.

Publisher: Knopf