NOAH'S ARK FOUND!: The End of the Search by Rene Noorbergen

NOAH'S ARK FOUND!: The End of the Search

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Another bulletin from the unknown by Noorbergen (Jeanne Dixon: My Life and Prophecies; You Are Psychic; Secrets of the Lost Races), who here picks up where his The Ark File (1974) left off in order to herald the new good news about that Biblical boat. For those unaware that a search for the Ark was on, much less ended, Noorbergen weaves within this report a survey of Ark lore (with relevant Biblical and Gilgamesh passages) and of ""Ark-ology,"" a hotbed of contesting claims, ambitious egos, and rival expeditions--including the sad spectacle of moon-walking astronaut James Irwin Arkhunting on Mt. Ararat's northern slope even as wiser souls investigated a nearby find. It is this find, located 6300 feet up Doomsday Mountain, that Noorbergen described in The Ark File and that he here proclaims as Noah's Ark. First photographed during a 1959 NATO aerial survey, the find appears as a huge--500 feet by 60 feet--formation shaped like the ""forgotten wreck of a proud old schooner that had lost its masts"": the Ark encased in lava? Initial forays turned up none of the expected wood timbers, but recent expeditions, joined by Noorbergen and detailed here, offer a rationale: the Biblical term for the Ark's material, ""gopherwood,"" is a mistranslation of ""gopherite,"" thus referring not to wood, but to brimstone (pumice). The Ark is probably fashioned of buoyant pumice with iron ribbings: and lo! curved iron-bearing ribs sit within the formation. With this happy deduction, Noorbergen goes on to posit the Ark as a product of an advanced antediluvian race and as ""the 'Mothership' of all of us."" Fun to read--Noorbergen's enthusiasm is infectous and his scholarship creative--but this Ark needs more proving before it floats.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1987
Publisher: Morrow