YOU ARE PSYCHIC: The Incredible Story of David N. Bubar by Rene Noorbergen

YOU ARE PSYCHIC: The Incredible Story of David N. Bubar

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No niggling prophet he, Baptist minister David Bubar seems to be on his way as Seer of the South. His wind-up chapter offers a veritable minefield of predictions reaching up through the year 2000: genocide in South America; a Nixon assassination attempt; a Middle East earthquake; return to prohibition: astral and earthly breakthroughs; etc., etc. Before this for-soothsaying, Rev. Bubar recalls his initiation into the psychic arts. He was something of a cut-up, at one point causing one poor man of the cloth to attempt to fly during a service. He also offers advice to prospective followers complete with numbered steps involving concentration and tuning in God-wise. Plenty of anecdotes involving past performances (he predicted Dirksen's death and many happy-to-calamitous happenings in the lives of clients and friends) round out the Piggly Wiggly narrative. Not as polished as Dixon but packed with portent.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1971
Publisher: Morrow