TO WIN A RACE by Renee Weiss


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Retold from a theme of Chuang-tzu, Lao-tze's disciple and interpreter of the Taoist philosophy of effortless action, the story progresses smoothly, logically to an ending that slyly reveals the truth in the theory of mind over muscle. The Thousand- legger churns into a race with the one-legged Keewee bird who hops to victory until the streamlined speed of a snake leaves him behind. The Wind steals the triumph from the Snake until a little boy, standing stock still, demonstrates by just using his hands how he can control and beat the Wind. The story is better than clever with the appeal for children of a well-constructed riddle. Imaginative line drawings are used as borders to the text. It's hard to make this sound like every child's cup of Lapsang Soo-chang, but it is interesting for its low-keyed difference.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1966
Publisher: Macmillan