PRINCE METTERNICH: Statesman and Lover by Reoul Auernheimer

PRINCE METTERNICH: Statesman and Lover

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Good reading in an all-inclusive biography of the famous statesman. The picture of the man, with his charm, his gallantry, his sagacity and foresight, as he built an undercover campaign against Napoleon, through fair means and foul. His early years, as student at Strasbourg, as Austrian envoy to Saxony, and later to Paris, his marriages -- his mistresses (I counted up to nine all told) -- and his downfall, the result of his unpopularity with the mob. An opportunist, ruthless in his ambition, and indifferent to other's comfort and security, he made bitter enemies. Not a book for the shook-easilies.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1940
ISBN: 0548145989
Publisher: Alliance