SURVIVAL PLUS by Reuel L. Howe


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The author's theme is survival -- survival in contemporary conflicts, rebellions, confusions and ambiguities -- through change. We must change the way we live, the values and goals we pursue, so that human society may come to allow the realization of human potential. If man is to change, and therefore to survive, he must become an ""inclusionist"" rather than an ""exclusionist."" That is, he must be willing to ""include"" all truths, forms, attitudes and convictions in his own life, and ""exclude"" nothing that is human. He must ""include"" spiritual truth, regardless of the religious system within which it is found. And, by the same token, he must be willing to ""include"" others in his own thoughts and feelings. What Mr. Howe preaches, in effect, is the pan-humanism of many of the ancients and an increasing number of the moderns, somewhat diluted for popular consumption and plumped up with pastoral anecdotes. The basic message is sound and well enunciated; and Survival Plus should survive very well in the self-help market.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1971
Publisher: Seabury