PARTNERS IN PREACHING: Clergy and Laity in Dialogue by Reuel L. Howe

PARTNERS IN PREACHING: Clergy and Laity in Dialogue

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One of the most significant ventures aiming at the rental of the Church in the past two decades has been the Institute of Advanced Pastoral Studies, of which the author is director. A cardinal principle in the work of the Institute, developed in other books by Dr. Howe, is that of dialogue. In this short, practical, and incisive study, this principle is applied to preaching as a primary function of the church. Current preaching is found ineffectual because of its monological character. Indeed, the theology of ministry underlying this type of preaching denies the doctrine of ministry as belonging to both clergy and laity. The possibility of developing dialogical preaching is set forth in practical detail, supported fully by experiences and findings drawn from the work of the Institute. While the author does not follow to their fullest some of the problems that may need to be dealt with if monological preaching is to be transformed, this brief study Will serve both to challenge the contemporary preacher--and the theological seminary that trains him--to the crucial need for anew style of presenting the Christian faith, and to give practical direction for initiating that change.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1967
Publisher: Seabury