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The years with which he is concerned in this book, says Dr. Reuel Howe, now Director of the Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, are the years between the relative completion of our preparation for life and the retirement from living at whatever age it occurs. It begins with the reflections of one Dick Foster as he travels home from his office at the end of the day, in which he raised for himself the questions that plague any man who ponders the meaning of his life as he lives it under the pressure and provocations of the modern world. They are questions ""in depth"", and the answers are ""in depth"" also, giving the reader the mature insights of a man whose many years as pastor, counselor and teacher have eminently qualified him to share his accumulated wisdom with others. He deals with such subjects as The Power of the Personal, The Secret of our Creativity, What Love Can Do, The Role of Sex in Love, Five Ways to Creative Marriage, For Parents of Adolescents, Your Work and You, From Security to Maturity, and finally A Faith for Middle Years. If this book should reach the wide market for which it will have a natural appeal, its sales should be numerous. In terms of the help it is able to give it deserves ""bestseller"" recognition far more than the type of book which tends to crowd out other more worthy contenders.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1959
ISBN: 1166129578
Publisher: Seabury Press