HOW LEE GOT HIS MILLION by Rev. Edmond Jr. Locklear


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The extremely bizarre tale of a devout man’s quest to fix his member.

Let’s not mince words–this may be the weirdest book readers will ever come across. The plot is outlandish, the characters’ motives are inscrutable and the book’s message is obscure. Locklear’s hero is Lee William Clark, a devout–and, the author argues, desirable–Christian widower who is dead set on becoming the first man ever to undergo a successful prostate transplant. Why? Well, Lee is madly in love with Margie Wilkins Cole, otherwise known as “Miss Margie,” a virtuous Sunday school teacher who has likewise lost her spouse. However, Lee considers himself “half a man” since having his prostate removed and will not get attached to a woman whom he cannot fully satisfy. Hence, Lee sets out to find a doctor willing to make him the first prostate transplant–much to the chagrin of his friends and coworkers, who oddly begrudge Lee both his drive and his potential reward. However, during this quest, Lee is beset by Satan’s minions. They try to tempt him to stray from the Christian path which, according to the author’s conservative sexual ethics, dictates that “THERE IS NO SEX IN GOD’S WILL FOR A SINGLE PERSON.” One might expect a book this interested in abstinence and monogamy to be chaste, but Locklear fills his odd tale with a surprising number of sexual encounters (or near-misses). However, his descriptions of these scenes are by turns clinical and arcane, filled with words like “glans,” “hypothalamus,” “foreskin” and “loins.” It doesn’t take long for readers to discover that they’re far from Danielle Steele territory here. But the biggest problem with the book may be readers’ difficulty getting past Lee’s (and his friends’) strange obsession with the prostate, which by the end becomes an uncanny totem for both sex and restraint.

A bizarre, obsessive piece of conservative Christian fantasy.

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