THE WALL BETWEEN US: A Catholic-Protestant Dialogue by

THE WALL BETWEEN US: A Catholic-Protestant Dialogue

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Even though women played an almost non-existent role in the two sessions of the Vatican Council, Catholic publishers, at least, seem convinced that they have much to contribute to today's ""dialogue"" between faiths. Two similar books are appearing simultaneously. The Wall Between Us is a series of letters between Lorraine Juliana a Catholic columnist, and Betty King, an Episcopalian minister's wife. Mind If I Differ (reviewed later this issue) is also a series of letters between Lucile Hasley and Betty Mill. Both books merit attention, but The Wall Between Us lacks much of the humor and spontaneity which makes Mind If I Differ such a pleasure to read. One admires and respects the authors for tackling the job of trying to break down the ""wall"" that separates them by ""poking around its boundaries to find out where we really are in relation to each other."" The correspondence of these prolific correspondents includes on Mary, the Communion of Saints, the Infallibility of the Church, the , Birth Control and Marriage, the Bible, the Ms and the Index etc. To this extent the voice of the -- from the distaff side -- begins to be heard. Maybe even the Church Fathers will listen and learn.

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