THE LIVELY TRADITION by Rev. John H. Vruwink


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Those individuals who feel that Christianity has no solutions for the problems of everyday living are bound to change their minds after reading The Lively Tradition by the Rev. John H. Vruwink. It is an excellent and readable ""theology"" of the Christian faith, almost an ""apology"" without pretending to be so. It is chuck full of such observations as ""we need all the help we can get to preserve just simple human tenderness and kindness""; ""those who have helped us most along life's way are those who led us to unseen possibilities in us and around us""; ""certainly life's way is much easier for those who know how to laugh at themselves""; ""some of our hurts are imaginary""; ""in a sense we are all dishonest""; and, ""we all do more good than we know"". Throughout the book you feel the personal conviction of the author that in Jesus Christ men can find the healing which they and their fellowmen desperately needs. Here is a faith intellectually satisfying and pragmatically valid. It is good reading for laymen or ministers. At times it almost has the pace of a novel.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill