BADEN-POWELL: A Biography of Lord Faden-Powell of Galwell by  Reynolds

BADEN-POWELL: A Biography of Lord Faden-Powell of Galwell

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Written at the request of the English Council of the Boy Scouts Association by an author who has been closely associated with the movement for a quarter of a century, this book has the official stamp as a full-length picture of the originator and guiding force of the movement. The story follows his life pattern from his family and background, to his Army life in India, South Africa, Ashanti, Matabeleland, his rise to here stature at Mafeking, his formation of the South African Constabulary -- and his ultimate absorption in the project of scouting for boys, outgrowth of the scouting and spying he had done in his military career and the training he had given his soldiers. Then the author turns to the story of the Boy Scouts, problems of organization, rallies and Jamb around the world. Man and movement are related in all details, together with an intimate, loving portrait of the Chief Scout, in all his activities, his life with friends and family, controversy with all kinds of hecklers, underlining throughout the practical experience that encouraged his genius for the work he loved. There is no debunking here -- his plays for publicity are toned down or discounted. There is warm appraisal of one man's contribution to international understanding. The biggest market will be the official scout market, not necessarily for the boys themselves, but for leaders and officials. Plus sale for boys.

Publisher: Oxford