BALCONY EMPIRE by Reynolds & Eleanor Packard


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The Rome Managers of the U.P. contribute their story which, with last year's Spurs on the Boot, provide the only available book on the secondary partner in the Axis. The Packards have written an enlivening and enlightening story, a good blend of political commentary and press anecdotage, and one which gives a complete survey of Italy at war, from Ethiopia to Spain to Tunis, and eventually into the big scrap. Mussolini has still a political minority, but his enemies are lethargic to give strong opposition; the country is indifferent to war,win or lose with hoarding, bootlegging and a general refusal to make patriotic sacrifices. The Italian soldier does not know why he is fighting, is badly trained and badly led. And the war with Russia has intensified Italo-German friction. Good reporting, but one questions the interest in Italy at the moment.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1942
Publisher: Oxford