Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience by Rhonda Dooley

Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience

with Relevant Poetry
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A debut firsthand account of a near-death experience.

Dooley was 32 years old and pregnant with twins when she was rushed to the emergency room in 1982. As she underwent a difficult delivery, she says, her consciousness suddenly left her body, drifted up to the operating room’s ceiling, went outside and over nearby buildings, and eventually away from Earth entirely. She writes that she encountered an angel, who ushered her through “Heaven’s passageway, or blue tunnel,” a “symmetrical entryway on the root system of the Tree of Life.” A woman robed in white welcomed her into Heaven, she says, which was lit by an all-embracing white light, and there she met deceased family members clothed in shining robes. The Holy Spirit’s light and acceptance filled this paradise, where she writes that she was shown the whole fabric of her life. Through her experience, she says, she learned that the greatest goal of human existence is “to willingly understand and be instrumental in divine Love.” When she returned to her own body (and her newborn twins), she says, she possessed a new depth of spiritual awareness and a belief that human souls are consciousnesses sent by God from distant stars, infused with human minds. A great deal of Dooley’s account is predictable: she was raised in the Christian faith, so she writes about a highly detailed Christian version of the afterlife. Her assertion that near-death experiences baffle science is inaccurate, as is her claim that Albert Einstein believed that human life was divinely guided and influenced. However, her account of her otherworldly excursion is vivid and engaging, and it will certainly resonate with her fellow Christians. Some of the lessons she takes away from her experiences, such as that “we are the results of our choices,” have wide applications that even secular readers might take to heart.

A detailed story of one woman’s journey and the lessons it taught her.

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