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by Rhonda Pollero

Pub Date: April 17th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4165-9073-6
Publisher: Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster

A trust-fund reject fights a crush on her hot boss by developing an even bigger crush on an even hotter private investigator.

Finley Anderson Tanner’s work as a paralegal leaves her plenty of time for after-work margaritas with best friends Becky, Jane and Liv. And if it means that her snooty mom, the much-married Cassidy Presley Tanner Browning Rossi, decides to cut off her older child’s access to the family fortune, Finley (Knock Off, 2007, etc.) just makes up the difference by buying pre-owned Lilly Pulitzers. Even comparisons with her oncologist younger sister Lisa don’t faze Finley, at least not until Lisa decides to marry fellow oncologist David Huntington-St. John IV. Now Finley’s in a bind. Who should she invite to the nuptials? Her supervisor Tony Caprelli has made it clear that he likes her, second-hand Jimmy Choos and all. But Tony, hunk that he is, is Cassidy’s favorite for the role of escort. So to spite her mother, Finley naturally asks even sexier Liam McGarrity, who like her is a paid minion at her firm, working as an investigator rather than as a litigator. And an overnight stay at the Ritz might give Finley a chance to seal the deal with Liam, who despite numerous liplocks and full body caresses has yet to succumb to her charms. The sudden departure of Ellen Lieberman, an attorney who bugs her almost as much as Cassidy to chuck the paralegal stuff and go to law school, gives Finley a moment’s concern. But between selling some of Ellen’s old costume jewelry on eBay, shopping for lingerie with Tony’s 13-year-old daughter Izzy and obsessing over Liam, Finley barely has time to pack her slightly irregular Fendi bag before she’s off to Atlanta and a whiff of kidnapping.

Lots of shopping, lots of steam, and if you don’t blink, you might catch the mystery.