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by Ric Weinman

Pub Date: June 5th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1452573946
Publisher: BalboaPress

Weinman’s (Your Hands Can Heal: Learn to Channel Healing Energy, 1992, etc.) guidebook to spiritual awakening is well-suited for beginning seekers and those already on the path to spiritual awakening.

Prepare to take this one slowly in order to fully digest each intricately rendered idea (or veil) about the process of awakening. Though the book is written in a way that suggests how to move past one’s ego, explicit instructions on how to begin are scant (this is no “how to meditate” guide). Instead, Weinman dives into a description of how the world appears with the lifting of each veil, and he trusts that the reader will follow his intricate explanations. The author discusses how to ripen for awakening, release karma knots and progress from basic awakening to new levels of awareness, although he stresses that merely reading about spirituality doesn’t guarantee genuine understanding. Once a searcher is “ripe,” true awakening could take anywhere from one day to several lives. Weinman observes that becoming more spiritually astute is an ongoing struggle and doesn’t free anyone from suffering or his or her own karma, which may cause readers to question their initial commitment. At times, it seems as if Weinman is almost discouraging the pursuit of awakening. It’s not until the midpoint of the guide when his reasons for recommending the practice become clear: “In general, the deeper your awakening goes, the more ‘real’ you become, the more you become what you really are. So you become more open, more present, more heartful.” He delves well below the surface of the familiar New Age concepts and leads a profound excursion into the multiple levels of being present.

Tackles the multilayered topic of spirituality without oversimplifying.